For those who are searching, we hope these messages will help you discover the beauty of Christ and our Christian faith. For those who are already in a relationship with Christ, we hope that these writings may be a source of inspiration and encouragement. Our Faith Messages are grouped into 13 topics, beginning with our first series Reasons for Joy.


What Is Your Source of Joy?

Reasons for Joy | Message 1

Our hearts are created for joy that lasts


There’s Got to Be More Than This

Reasons for Joy | Message 2

We desire more than the world can give.


The Adventure of a Lifetime 

Reasons for Joy | Message 3

What if you were called on an amazing journey?


What if God Was One of Us

Reasons for Joy | Message 4

A song on the radio causes a woman to wonder, “What if God actually became a human being?”


Portrait of the Father

Reasons for Joy | Message 5

What makes us valuable as a person? God’s love for us is not based on earthly qualities.


The Doctor is In!

Reasons for Joy | Message 6

Don’t each of us need healing and forgiveness in some way?


He Did It for You!

Reasons for Joy | Message 7

Was Jesus in the wrong place at the wrong time?


Christ Is Risen!

Reasons for Joy | Message 8

Our greatest reason for joy

Other Topics in the Light for Beaufort Message Series